Monday, March 8, 2010

100 things

I'm gonna try this... hopefully I can

1. I'm a HUGE chipper jones fan
2. I have a weird obsession with owls(even to the point where my grandmother buys me at least one owl related object for me every christmas and birthday... lamps, towels, nightlights, knickknacks, keychains)
3. My favorite color is a mix between blue and teal, use your imagination
4. I have 3 tattoos
5. My tattoos are a star on each hand and an owl and a moon on my inner lower leg, told you I was obsessed
6. I've been arrested and have a felony on my record
7. My middle name is nichole and yes there's an h in there
8. I'm not the most popular person, but I have a few really close friends who mean the world to me
9. I love the calgon body sprays from walmart
10. I live in a really small town, like 5,000 people
11. I only have one sibling, elizabeth
12. She's 9 years younger than me
13. My favorite soda is coke
14. But my favorite beverage is raspberry tea
15. I love the show how it's made
16. My favorite movie is the lovely bones
17. I thought the movie sucked
18. I like to wear skate shoes like dvs
19. I hate rollar coasters but love amusement parks
20. During the month of october, my friends and I like to go to haunted houses and trail rides all over our state
21. I scored a 1010 on my sats but that was the old scoring method, I recently found out they changed the way and possibles scores
22. One of my best memories from my childhood was going to the city run playground called opg
23. A lot of kids had tshirts that said opg and I always wanted one, I'm still bitter
24. The twilight movies aren't as good as the books.. duh
25. When I read the books, I always pictured the main character of the covanent movie as edward
26. I have a 32'' inch flat screen tv in my room
27. I played softball every year when I was in school
28. I was captain my senior year
29. I also got kicked off my senior year too many tardies.. 3! Fuckin ridiculous
30. I used to have a pet turtle named Frank
31. I put him in our small pond outback and he stayed there for a few years, don't know where he hibernated, but he would come back every spring til this past spring :(
32. I have a motorola droid
33. I wanna move down south
34. I like grey's anatomy, but got into it by watchin reruns on cable
35. I really like the show buffy the vampire slayer
36. I wear size 9 shoes
37. I wanna lose some weight
38. I used to think heidi montag was cool, til she got all fake and lost her mind
39. I love brand new socks, nothin better!
40. I smoke camels
41. I like hemp jewelry
42. I'm irish and italian, and my moms side last name is marconi and my dads side is dailey
43. I have a black civic
44. But I can't drive until september:)
45. I love jeans
46. I love hoodies and tshirts from hot topic
47. I just love hoodies in general
48. I may not show it when I type cuz of bein lazy, but I'm a really good speller
49. I like the shoe csi and coldcase
50. I have a dog named poochie
51. I like my fav color, ya know that blue with teal, with black to match
52. I like to play rock band and guitar hero
53. Hell I just like video games in general
54. I have an xbox 360
55. I couldn't go on without my hair straightener
56. Or my cellphone
57. But I hate my cell bill
58. I hate counting money between 60 and 69
59. I absolutely hate when people are fake or lie
60. I love the real world road rules challenges
61. I had to go to speech class when I was way little for my r's, s's, and w's
62. I really like rihanna's music
63. I don't know if I want to get married, but that doesn't mean I want to be alone, I hope to meet that special guy someday
64. I like playing the sims, I go in phases where I don't play at all to all the time
65. I love bracelets
66. I wish I knew how to play guitar
67. I can't sing at all
68. I have a cat named kitty
69. I have a barn with chickens
70. I don't like speaking in front of large groups
71. I live in a capecod
72. I had a nintendo when I was younger and hated the Friday the 13th game cuz it freaked me out
72. I always liked the show unsolved mysteries, but the music scared me
73. It takes me forever to tan
74. I hate my job
75. I have white walls in my room but want to paint them but idk what color or if it'd be cool to have a mural type thing painted on them
76. I'm an addict
77. I love summer nites between 7 and 9
78. I want more tattoos but don't know what yet
79. My favorite year in skoo was 11th grade
80. I'm not gonna lie, I used to turn my stereo up louder to look cool when I drove by people I knew
81. My parents are pretty awesome people
82. Most people call me by my last name
83. I live outside od town in the country and I hate it
84. I hate winter and falls Only good for a month or so
85. My favorite number is 10
86. I like white gold cuz I think yellow gold looks cheesy
86. I wanna finish college
88. Oops just noticed two 86's, anyways, I don't know what I want to go for
89. I've never been snowboarding or skiing
90. I love in the summer the feeling of clean sheets that were hung out to air dry
91. I hate that conan left late night
92. 100 never looked so good before
93. I can't sleep with socks on
94. I love down comforters
95. I wanna live in a house just like shias house in disturbia, its so pretty
96. I like creating milk crates
97. Suprisingly enough, I like drivin around with my friends yelling random stuff at people , all while being sober
98. I like killer whales and dolphins, it'd be cool to swim with them
99. I check my facebook a lot
100. My favorite beer is miller lite

Damn that took awhile but I did it (:

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