Saturday, March 6, 2010

week 4

im on what you would call 'high supervision probation.' not that i dont deserve it, because i most certainly do. one of the stipulations is house arrest. thank god for having a job, or i'd be going crazy. another requirement is attending at least 4 meetings a week. today is day 37 for my clean time, no dope, no alcohol, not even a drop of otc medicine. i wanna write to get out what isnt easy for me to express verbally. and to just get out what i think on other bullshit as well.. i look forward to it, and i hope if nothing else, someone might be able to relate and back up my somewhat cloudy thought that anything is possible. feel free to leave me feedback as well. im 26, and im looking to move on with my life in recovery in so many ways, but most importantly and the only way possible... one day at a time ..

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